Sunday, March 2, 2008

House pictures

The kitchen has a floor now, and so do two more of the bedrooms!

You won't be hearing from us this week, because we're leaving tomorrow morning for Port au Prince. It's a multi-purpose trip. Linda Blankenship and our son, Keith both fly back to the states; we need to pick up the windows for the house, hopefully finish up the four-wheeler paperwork and bring that back with there's the usual varied list to fill.
Seems like we've been doing a lot of this lately. Here Ty is priming kitchen cabinets. We just have a bit more to do on the cabinets now. It's nice to have that much of the painting behind us, and it was great to have Keith's faithful help for one last week.

The guys started to smooth plaster the front of the house this week, and some of the brick is up on the roof edges. They took the forms out of the "big room"; just left that center support post in to make everyone feel better, I think. Here Rich is admiring the glass block in the ceiling. They will help make our dining area much more cheerful.
Looking through from the dining room end of the big room to the front door. Won't it make a great living room? Of course a floor, a door, and windows will improve it even more.