Saturday, March 24, 2007


Enjoying the Mole winds.
Rich is helping me do the laundry while the kids do their school work. If we work at it together, we can get done faster, so we don't use too much power.
And the and wind powered.
Waldo, basking in the sun.
It was very windy yesterday, and these big black birds were floating on the wind currents most of the day. Tyler took a bunch of pictures---trying to capture the feeling, I guess.


These pictures are for those of you who are interested in the gardening experiment here in Mole. We have some successes and some failures to report. Cucumbers love the shade house, and are climbing--and producing--quite happily.
Tomatoes also are doing well, and the pepper plants look healthy, but haven't started blooming yet, so don't know what they'll do. Unfortunately, the carrots are all tops and no carrots, the beets are quite runty, and cabbages haven't done really well either.

These gardens (above and below) aren't in Mole--we wish we could have brought them with us. Rich helped to supervise the mission gardens at BHM while we there; they have beautiful terraced beds, and great soil.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I haven't posted for awhile, and we've been delaying sending out a newsletter until we got through some of the decision-making process. It's nice to have something definite to tell folks. Now Stage 1 of the decision is made--we're not joining Baptist Haiti Mission. We came here to work and learn, and find out for sure if working with BHM is what God wants to do in Haiti. Over the last several weeks He has, in a variety of ways, let us know that He has another plan for us.

We've been working in Haiti, first as independent helpers to get a trade school project up and running, then working with community projects--gardens and etc.--and it seemed that maybe this was the answer to the need to work with an established organization. Haiti doesn't need another little loner mission--there are plenty of those. Now God has opened another possibility for us. Please pray for us as we go through Stage 2 of discerning God's will. We'll keep you posted!

Being here has been a learning, growing, friend-making time, but we're delighted to be going back home to the northwest. We plan to travel up there on the 16th, so the next week will busy with getting packed, cleaning the apartment, doing all the shopping for the next couple of months....... Sadly, the generator that was supposed to arrive while we here, is still not released, and probably won't be before we leave. Either we'll have to make another trip in for it, or leave it until after furlough.

God bless you all! We'd love to hear from you--even if it's just a few words left as comments on this site.



Mike is in ND for a few days, and heads to Fort Lewis (near Seattle) soon.
Kent is still at Fort Sill--he got a chance to take a class he really wanted--and will also be going to Fort Lewis in a month or so.