Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trip to Port de Paix

I went with Rich yesterday on an ambulance run to take a lady to Port de Paix for surgery. We got her to the river just fine, but they had to cross the river on a little boat, then get another vehicle on the other side. The river is still high, swift, and muddy.
As we neared the river, we saw a lot of damage to banana plantations. Many plants were washed out or broken, and there were a lot of these sand bars. It reminded us of snow drifts back home.
More flood damage. We did not see many damaged homes.


Still working hard to finish the surgery room before the medical team comes. We installed the lower cabinet doors today, and Rich started painting the upper ones.
Here's Rich, yesterday, checking things out on the truck, after hauling a load of food up from Mole.

Photos from Bombardopolis

Wow, I got to upload photos two days in a row! Here Rich is painting in the hallway outside the delivery room. He also painted the delivery room, and refurbished one of the delivery tables.
This photo is for my mother-in-law, who has been asking to see a photo of the outside of our house. Here you go, Mom! We do plan to paint it---someday.
We spent last Saturday down at Mole, meeting four MAF flights. We were receiving relief bundles of food for Samaritan's Purse, and BHM. Since roads and bridges are out, getting food to the Northwest is a real challenge.
Ty was our "in the truck" man all day.

Hurricane Damage in Mole St. Nicolas

Hi folks--Here are a couple of photos for you. I've been trying and trying to post, but either can't get on blogger at all, or get kicked off as soon as I try to publish. These photos show the damage that was done along the coastline down in Mole. There were no injuries, just property damage, and folks there are longing for supplies and food to be shipped in, as is the case across the northwest Haiti.