Monday, May 28, 2007

Rich and Keith are safely back home..........

This is the typical "just got home from Port au Prince" look. =)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Well Pictures

Rich is mixing a bucketful of cement to pour down the well around the casing.....
Keith is pouring it in......
and I thought you might like to see a picture of the modern rig that drilled the well. Just goes to show---never judge by appearances. =)

In other news...Rich and Keith are on their way home from Port au Prince, today. They've been gone five days, so we're eager to see them again. They had some trouble on the way down--flat tires, hot brakes and rear axle--and we're praying they have a better trip home.

They have a good load on the big truck; they're hauling materials for building projects at Bombard, fuel and propane, and the goods which arrived on the crate. The crate was an answer to prayer; it was released on Tuesday, and they were able to pick it up Wednesday morning. We're especially thankful, because it means we can take the pickup in when we leave for furlough, and have a bit more comfortable trip. It doesn't take the bumps out of the road, but we can make a little better time, and have a seat for everyone.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Well at Bombardopolis

Rich has been working up at Bombarde this week, helping put the casing in the new well that will help provide water for the mission compound there. In the background, you can see the education building and behind it, the hospital.
Steve Leach (red shirt), Steve Revis (well driller, and missionary to Haiti) and unidentified worker.

and down.

Rich and Keith are in Bombarde again today, pouring cement around the top fifty feet of casing to seal the hole. They took the camera, so maybe I can post more pictures of the work soon.

Work is starting on the new hospital expansion at Bombarde, also. Rich was able to help Steve a bit yesterday with staking out the foundation--it's a busy time up there.

For those of you who've asked if our house is started yet---no, that comes after the hospital project, as the Lord provides the funds. We do have a floor plan.:)

And a few pictures from our outing to the beach.....

"The ship"--it's been aground for years, and is slowly rusting apart, but it's still a landmark
The shoreline, with La Presque Isle in the background.
A fishing boat on the horizon.
Beach's end.
Crossing the little river coming back home at the end of the afternoon. This little guy had worriedly run across to make sure we didn't hit the donkey standing in our way.

I Know Mother's Day is Past.........

.............but I'm still stuck there, not because I think I'm so special. Maybe it's because this year, for the first time since I became a mother almost 21 years ago, our family isn't all together in one place for special occasions like this.

Anyway............I just want to say thanks to my family for making yesterday special. I didn't have to cook---or do much of anything---all day, and mid-afternoon, we went to the beach for awhile. The clouds had come up, cooling things down nicely, and it was peaceful and refreshing out there.

Mike and Kent, we missed you guys even more than usual yesterday.

A few random thoughts about motherhood.

--It's the hardest job.........and the most rewarding.........I've ever undertaken. (And once undertaken, it must be finished.

--The longer I'm a mother, the more I appreciate my own mom. She never complained, but willingly served her family.

--The early years of motherhood, when the work is hard physically, are easier than the later years--the letting go is hard, but it's also rewarding to see the adults those little people become.

--It never ends. It just moves into different stages. I call this one (young adults just leaving home) the "pray and wait" stage. =)

God bless!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Future Medical Center of Mole St. Nicolas

The work of filling in the foundation with rock is being done by hand. It's taking a lot of rocks to fill in all these deep holes. It should be a firm foundation!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Just in Case You Ever Wonder What We Do When We're Not Working

Laurie and I like puzzles.
Keith and Ty are inventing stuff out of some of the scrap wood that Rich didn't give away.
We all like books and movies.
Laurie loves crocheting and crafty sorts of activities.
And we all like to eat!

Garden Beauty

Tomatoes are ripening beautifully now.............
and more are on the way..................
and this is just because we've gotten this far with the cabbages and nothing has started eating them. I hope we make it this time.

It's a Dirty Job..........

.................but someone's got to do it! Rich is checking the front hubs after crossing the river a couple of times when he went over near Port de Paix to pick up the well casing for the new well at Bombarde. He found everything looking pretty healthy, so just repacked the bearings and put it all back together

Dragging a Bit....

Well, summertime has definitely arrived in Mole. It's very hot and muggy, and we're dragging a bit, except for Rich, who thrives in hot weather. He just drinks an extra gallon or so, and keeps right on going.

Let's see---what have we been doing lately? We've been busy, but with a lot of scattered activities. The cement blocks for the hospital expansion project at Bombarde were made here in Mole, so Rich has been keeping an eye on that project, and helping load whenever the truck came for another load. The last load went up to Bombarde Saturday evening, probably a good thing, as Rich is now nursing a sore back.

Rich spent a few hours another day last week hauling block for a building project for a local school teacher. We'd found out he was hauling block, five at a time, in a wheelbarrow, to his building site, half a mile or so uphill from where the blocks had been made. That sort of thing is not all that uncommon here in Haiti, but it was fun to help him out. He'd shown a lot of uncomplaining initiative, and it's always good to encourage that.

Using our faithful workhorse again (the Nissan truck), Rich hauled a bunch of huge rocks for the guys who are filling in the foundation spaces on the future Mole medical center. It's going to be a big building, the foundation is massive, and they're actually digging huge rocks out of the bay to help fill it in. I'll have to post some pictures; maybe I can send Keith over there with the camera soon.

We have several garden spots picked out now for the shade houses that are planned for this fall. There are many who want them; the hard part for us is finding those who need them the most, and will do the hard work necessary to make them worthwhile.

Our gardens here are producing tomatoes, and some greens. I spaded up a bed yesterday, and transplanted baby cabbages. They look good this morning; nothing has attacked them yet!

Inbetween other activities, we're already getting ready to move---sorting, condensing and etc. Rich has been methodically cleaning out his depots (storage rooms, for you Americans). It's amazing how many odds and ends accumulate after only a couple years worth of projects. Yesterday, he gave away a wheelbarrow load of scrap wood to four ladies cleaning fish on the beach, and thought for a minute, he'd started a brawl. In the end, they each got some, and were extremely happy.

The bread dough is probably over the edge of the bowl, so I'll quit chattering for now. I'll try to post some pictures this afternoon or tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Mike is headed for Iraq now; think he got a bit tired of all the waiting. We'll probably not find out why the delay, but they did ship out yesterday, and he should be in Baghdad within the next week to ten days. He appreciates everyone's prayers.

Mike has started a blog to keep folks up-to-date. You'll find him added to my links, if you'd like to follow his adventures.

He did get an unexpected bonus out of this delay--a short visit to ND. He got to see all the family, and Mary, of course. :)

Kent is planning a trip to ND while we're there--can't wait to see him!