Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dragging a Bit....

Well, summertime has definitely arrived in Mole. It's very hot and muggy, and we're dragging a bit, except for Rich, who thrives in hot weather. He just drinks an extra gallon or so, and keeps right on going.

Let's see---what have we been doing lately? We've been busy, but with a lot of scattered activities. The cement blocks for the hospital expansion project at Bombarde were made here in Mole, so Rich has been keeping an eye on that project, and helping load whenever the truck came for another load. The last load went up to Bombarde Saturday evening, probably a good thing, as Rich is now nursing a sore back.

Rich spent a few hours another day last week hauling block for a building project for a local school teacher. We'd found out he was hauling block, five at a time, in a wheelbarrow, to his building site, half a mile or so uphill from where the blocks had been made. That sort of thing is not all that uncommon here in Haiti, but it was fun to help him out. He'd shown a lot of uncomplaining initiative, and it's always good to encourage that.

Using our faithful workhorse again (the Nissan truck), Rich hauled a bunch of huge rocks for the guys who are filling in the foundation spaces on the future Mole medical center. It's going to be a big building, the foundation is massive, and they're actually digging huge rocks out of the bay to help fill it in. I'll have to post some pictures; maybe I can send Keith over there with the camera soon.

We have several garden spots picked out now for the shade houses that are planned for this fall. There are many who want them; the hard part for us is finding those who need them the most, and will do the hard work necessary to make them worthwhile.

Our gardens here are producing tomatoes, and some greens. I spaded up a bed yesterday, and transplanted baby cabbages. They look good this morning; nothing has attacked them yet!

Inbetween other activities, we're already getting ready to move---sorting, condensing and etc. Rich has been methodically cleaning out his depots (storage rooms, for you Americans). It's amazing how many odds and ends accumulate after only a couple years worth of projects. Yesterday, he gave away a wheelbarrow load of scrap wood to four ladies cleaning fish on the beach, and thought for a minute, he'd started a brawl. In the end, they each got some, and were extremely happy.

The bread dough is probably over the edge of the bowl, so I'll quit chattering for now. I'll try to post some pictures this afternoon or tomorrow.


Doug Allen said...

The tomatos are beautiful!