Monday, May 14, 2007

I Know Mother's Day is Past.........

.............but I'm still stuck there, not because I think I'm so special. Maybe it's because this year, for the first time since I became a mother almost 21 years ago, our family isn't all together in one place for special occasions like this.

Anyway............I just want to say thanks to my family for making yesterday special. I didn't have to cook---or do much of anything---all day, and mid-afternoon, we went to the beach for awhile. The clouds had come up, cooling things down nicely, and it was peaceful and refreshing out there.

Mike and Kent, we missed you guys even more than usual yesterday.

A few random thoughts about motherhood.

--It's the hardest job.........and the most rewarding.........I've ever undertaken. (And once undertaken, it must be finished.

--The longer I'm a mother, the more I appreciate my own mom. She never complained, but willingly served her family.

--The early years of motherhood, when the work is hard physically, are easier than the later years--the letting go is hard, but it's also rewarding to see the adults those little people become.

--It never ends. It just moves into different stages. I call this one (young adults just leaving home) the "pray and wait" stage. =)

God bless!