Friday, December 28, 2007

More Family Pics

Opening a Christmas package from Grandma Y.
Kent opening a gift from Becca.
Everyone takes turns holding the baby..............
who occasionally sucks his thumb--isn't it cute?

Family Christmas

Our latest temporary member of the family. This little guy weighed only 3 lb., 2 1/2 oz., but is now nearly 4 pounds.
It's wonderful to have everyone home. From left to right--Mary, Mike, Keith, Laurie, Tyler, and Kent.
Mary took this picture for us, which explains why she's not on it. =)
Good times.
Nap time.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


We spent Saturday morning painting in the hospital. We painted the hospitalization room (the patients are all in the pediatric ward, temporarily), and this wall at the end of the hallway.
Then we switched to latex paint, and put a first coat on several walls where some remodeling has been done to make more consulation rooms.
We'll go back in later, and give these rooms another coat, but it's brighter already.
It went really fast. Keith was the roller man; Rich trimmed all the high parts; Linda and I trimmed down lower, and Ty and Jacob ran errands, sanded, and swept.
Don't know what this was, but it doesn't look like painting!


Bucket brigade on the roof, Friday morning
The cement was being mixed in the area that will, eventually, be our living room.

Photos from Last Week's Work

It was a very busy week at the house site. Here forms are going up for the first roof pour.
Sometimes you need a little help from up top.
More work with the forming.
This was Thursday evening. The roof was all ready for the pour, and Rich and Keith were placing the glass block which will help to light the kitchen and store room.
All ready for Friday morning.

Bye-Bye, Baby...........and Beautiful Creation

Little Miss "Vivi" went home to her family the beginning of last week. She weighs five pounds and is doing well.
Everyone enjoyed her---well, except for during the night, maybe. She didn't believe in sleeping too much at night.
Ty and Jacob hiked to Gran Boulage, and brought back some wonderful photos. I want to go there myself sometime. They said they'd never seen the end of a rainbow so close to them--no pot of gold in sight, though.