Friday, December 28, 2007

More Family Pics

Opening a Christmas package from Grandma Y.
Kent opening a gift from Becca.
Everyone takes turns holding the baby..............
who occasionally sucks his thumb--isn't it cute?

Family Christmas

Our latest temporary member of the family. This little guy weighed only 3 lb., 2 1/2 oz., but is now nearly 4 pounds.
It's wonderful to have everyone home. From left to right--Mary, Mike, Keith, Laurie, Tyler, and Kent.
Mary took this picture for us, which explains why she's not on it. =)
Good times.
Nap time.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


We spent Saturday morning painting in the hospital. We painted the hospitalization room (the patients are all in the pediatric ward, temporarily), and this wall at the end of the hallway.
Then we switched to latex paint, and put a first coat on several walls where some remodeling has been done to make more consulation rooms.
We'll go back in later, and give these rooms another coat, but it's brighter already.
It went really fast. Keith was the roller man; Rich trimmed all the high parts; Linda and I trimmed down lower, and Ty and Jacob ran errands, sanded, and swept.
Don't know what this was, but it doesn't look like painting!


Bucket brigade on the roof, Friday morning
The cement was being mixed in the area that will, eventually, be our living room.

Photos from Last Week's Work

It was a very busy week at the house site. Here forms are going up for the first roof pour.
Sometimes you need a little help from up top.
More work with the forming.
This was Thursday evening. The roof was all ready for the pour, and Rich and Keith were placing the glass block which will help to light the kitchen and store room.
All ready for Friday morning.

Bye-Bye, Baby...........and Beautiful Creation

Little Miss "Vivi" went home to her family the beginning of last week. She weighs five pounds and is doing well.
Everyone enjoyed her---well, except for during the night, maybe. She didn't believe in sleeping too much at night.
Ty and Jacob hiked to Gran Boulage, and brought back some wonderful photos. I want to go there myself sometime. They said they'd never seen the end of a rainbow so close to them--no pot of gold in sight, though.

Friday, November 30, 2007

House Photos

The north wing of the house will soon be ready for the roof.
And the south wing is coming along nicely.


Hurry up; I'm getting cold.
Hey, premie size onesies fit me now! So my jammies are a little big, but I'm still beautiful.
So will you stop admiring me already? I'm hungry!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ok, one more try. Blogger is posting as though today were November 29th; thus, my current post is down the page a bit. Let's see if it works properly this time.

Comment Frustration?

Hi everyone--I'm thinking I've been causing some frustration for those of you who leave comments on this blog--sorry! Since I got some weird advertising as a blog comment---what WILL they try next---I've enabled comment moderation for my blog. That just means your comments come to my email inbox first, and I can choose to publish them, or not. Don't worry, as long as you're not trying to sell me something, your comment will show up, usually within the day. =)

Rich, Keith, Steve and Faith got home safely from PAP yesterday, arriving at 4:10. They had both the truck and pickup heavily loaded, so we're grateful they made the trip in just over eleven hours, with no bigger problems than a flat tire on the truck. Included in their load(s) were doors, windows, and lumber for cabinets and etc. for the hospital addition.

God bless,

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New photos, but already outdated...........

I took some photos of the house last evening, but when I tried to upload them, blogspot refused to cooperate, so here they are now. The guys got the plastering pretty much finished on this wing of the house today---I think. I was a bit out of it today, as little Miss only let me sleep around two and one-half hours last night! We're hoping for better tonight.
Ty got on top of the big hospital cistern, and took some photos of the new roof on the hospital addition. Looks great here, and even better today, as the workers took down a lot of the outside forms today.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Baby Pictures

All freshly bathed and cozy this morning.
Who says guys can't multi-task? Ty was babysitting AND doing World Lit.

Pictures from Last Week's Building Progress

This was on Thursday. The crew was laying block, and Rich and Keith were taking down forms after the bond beam was poured on the north section of the house.
Here it is, ready for the first coat of plaster. The guys are plastering this week; I'll get some pics of that soon.
The hospital roof is finished! They did the last pour Friday, but I didn't get any pictures that day. This one is from earlier in the week, when they were putting up the forms and bracing.
These rooms in the hospital addition are getting their final coat of plaster, and will soon be ready for floors, windows and doors
More of the forming process.

Little Miss "Vivi"

Apparently she was feeling camera-shy here. =)
"Vivi" is staying at our house this week, while Steve, Faith, Rich and Keith are in Port au Prince. The new license for Steve's pickup is finished, finally--thank God--so they all went in with our big truck. Rich and Keith will haul back a big load of building supplies, propane, fuel and etc., and Steve's will bring the pickup back, at last. It's been parked in PAP for quite some time.
Isn't she a cutie? She's gaining quickly, and should be ready to go back to her family within a couple of weeks. We'll miss her (all but the night-time tummy aches).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Of Babies and Houses

Our house now has two halves. Actually this picture was taken a few days ago; I'll post a current one soon.
Always something to do. Rich is fixing the fuel tank mounts on the big truck. They got bent up when the truck "fell" into an underwater hole, on Rich and Keith's last muddy trip up from Port au Prince. The fuel tank kind of hit bottom, and it was a bit hard on it.
This is the wee tiny baby Faith has been caring for since the beginning of this week. She is a twin. Her sister weighs 5lb., 5 oz., but "Vivi" (she really doesn't have a name yet, but her last name is Vincent, so Faith calls her Vivi) weighed only 3 lb., 3 oz.
We got to care for her two days this week, when Faith needed to be gone for meetings. Laurie had a great time cuddling the baby--much more fun than school work!
That's Tyler's hand holding the baby's. He was chuckling at the way her onesie fit. The newborn size was long enough for a nightgown. "Vivi" seems to be doing well. She takes her bottle quite well, and is getting stronger.