Thursday, November 15, 2007

Of Babies and Houses

Our house now has two halves. Actually this picture was taken a few days ago; I'll post a current one soon.
Always something to do. Rich is fixing the fuel tank mounts on the big truck. They got bent up when the truck "fell" into an underwater hole, on Rich and Keith's last muddy trip up from Port au Prince. The fuel tank kind of hit bottom, and it was a bit hard on it.
This is the wee tiny baby Faith has been caring for since the beginning of this week. She is a twin. Her sister weighs 5lb., 5 oz., but "Vivi" (she really doesn't have a name yet, but her last name is Vincent, so Faith calls her Vivi) weighed only 3 lb., 3 oz.
We got to care for her two days this week, when Faith needed to be gone for meetings. Laurie had a great time cuddling the baby--much more fun than school work!
That's Tyler's hand holding the baby's. He was chuckling at the way her onesie fit. The newborn size was long enough for a nightgown. "Vivi" seems to be doing well. She takes her bottle quite well, and is getting stronger.


Becca said...

Aww, she's so tiny!! And those clothes! =)