Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tidbits from the last two weeks

Rich and Astel were hurrying to fix the leak in this roof, before the rain began to fall, because inside.........
is this little guy, who broke his leg and is enduring what has to be very uncomfortable traction ever-so-patiently.

Watching these guys try to get this big log up on the stand to saw it into boards, we thought there might be some more broken legs, but in spite of breaking probably every safety rule there is, all went well, and this log is now lumber.

Laurie's Birthday

It doesn't seem possible that Laurie could be a teenager, but September 22 has come and gone, and she's now 13 years old!
Laurie with small cousin Serenity this summer in PA.
And this was a beautiful sunset the other evening.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Accident Scene

Here's the new look for the ambulance. Rich and Astrel were coming home from their second ambulance run yesterday, and as they made a right turn, Rich glimpsed a motorcycle coming at them, and just had time to accelerate enough to avoid having it hit the passenger door. Damage to the ambulance is minimal..............
Rich thinks they can push out most of the dent...................
but the motorcycle has a little problem.
The accident happened at this intersection; the motorcycle was being driven at a good clip on the left-hand side of the road--don't know why. The driver says he was going to make a left turn, but he was going much too fast to turn, so who knows....
Here you can see how he was coming along the cactus hedge on the left-hand side of the road. We're thankful he wasn't hurt badly. He had a cut on his cheekbone that required a few stitches, and banged up one leg a bit, but is otherwise undamaged, only upset and scared--it isn't his motorcycle, and the owner is probably not going to be too happy.

A Day's Work

The big truck is fixed, and it took Rich and Astrel one day to do it! What a blessing. Of course, they had been doing their prep work, lube-ing all the bolts so they come loose easily.....and planning exactly how they were going to tackle the job. They really enjoy working together.
This is the "new" rear end going in.
Don't you like the truck sitting on the steel drums? Rich said they weren't going under there with just the jacks holding the truck. It looks funny, but worked great.
A little change of pace here--a big rock fell on this little guy's leg. That was months ago, and he came back yesterday to get the cast cut off.
This picture is for Billy to show how much fun Rich has with the little pressure washer you sent down. It works wonderfully, and best of all, uses very little water.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Gardens, Sunsets and a Spider

Cabbages in the shadehouse garden are growing nicely. I was able to give away around fifty small plants and have a big cabbage bed of my own also.
I'm attempting to grow peas, but they look a bit spindly. My green beans look even leggier, but are blooming, so I have hopes of a harvest.
We had a beautiful rosy sky the other evening.
This guy lives in my garden. He has a huge web, and catches lots of insects, so I leave him be as long as he leaves me alone. :)

New Screens for the Hospital

The guys (Astrel, Keith, and Rich) are putting rat wire on the screen frames that Rich built.
Installation of the finished product. An onlooker commented, "The hospital has a face now!"

And these pictures show why the project is necessary! The hospital has 40 windows, so the whole process is going to take a bit.


Kent and Becca
Kent and Grandma Yoder
Kent and his car
And letting small cousin Tyrel wear his beret.

Ok, here's my birthday post for Kent. It's a couple of days late because we've been having system problems again. The problems are fixed now (we pray), so---Happy Birthday, Kent! We love and miss you.

(I "borrowed" the pictures off my sister-in-law's blog--thanks, Beth!)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kent's Birthday

Kent is nineteen years old today. Happy Birthday, Kent!

Pictures will follow tomorrow--if everything is working.