Friday, September 14, 2007

A Day's Work

The big truck is fixed, and it took Rich and Astrel one day to do it! What a blessing. Of course, they had been doing their prep work, lube-ing all the bolts so they come loose easily.....and planning exactly how they were going to tackle the job. They really enjoy working together.
This is the "new" rear end going in.
Don't you like the truck sitting on the steel drums? Rich said they weren't going under there with just the jacks holding the truck. It looks funny, but worked great.
A little change of pace here--a big rock fell on this little guy's leg. That was months ago, and he came back yesterday to get the cast cut off.
This picture is for Billy to show how much fun Rich has with the little pressure washer you sent down. It works wonderfully, and best of all, uses very little water.


grace said...

wow! we should have thought of using the pressure washer for windows a long time ago. Nice! we just used a dishcloth and bristle brush. UGHH I was pretty much scarred for life.ha!
love you guys,