Saturday, March 24, 2007


Enjoying the Mole winds.
Rich is helping me do the laundry while the kids do their school work. If we work at it together, we can get done faster, so we don't use too much power.
And the and wind powered.
Waldo, basking in the sun.
It was very windy yesterday, and these big black birds were floating on the wind currents most of the day. Tyler took a bunch of pictures---trying to capture the feeling, I guess.


Beth Yoder said...

Love your hair Laurie!!!! :)

Kim said...

I've been thinking of you guys lately.
What up, Puffy!!

lollyjane said...

I love checking your blog and seeing all the pictures. . . I don't know that we've ever really met, but I'm from South Lawrence, so I feel like I know you through Metzlers. :) For some reason though, the last two times your family came through I was gone.
Anyway, keep updating and God bless!

Karen said...

I have you "bookmarked" Marj! So I check your blog often and enjoy the updates and photos! Haiti looks so GREEN!!

And the photo of Rich helping with laundry--perhaps I should enlarge it and hang it up where my guys see it. Maybe it would send a message.....and then again, probably it wouldn't.