Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The cement work is pretty much finished at the hospital addition. Here the guys are finishing the last section of floor for the porch/walkway in front of the building. Plastering ceilings at the house...........almost makes my arms ache, just thinking about doing this all day.
A newly finished floor in Ty's room.
Saturday, we took the family (and Jacob, of course) to the beach at Mole for one last outing before Keith goes back to the states. The kids spent most of their time on this old ship, exploring and goofing around. Can you believe I let them take the camera out there? They got some great pics and the camera is fine. Two ziploc bags, and the camera case did the job.=) They even swam down inside the ship. Looks unpleasant to me.


Mary said...

That ship is awesome yet very creepy...It's great that you have some pictures of what the inside looks like though =) I tried to explain it to people and didn't do a very good job. When the guys went swimming in there the only thing I could think of was the theme song for Jaws. =) It's good to see an update, it brought a smile to my face. I hope all is going well down there. Take care. Hugs to you all.