Sunday, March 16, 2008

Photos from the Hospital grounds

The hospital addition is being used, even though the building isn't yet completed. Here folks wait to see the doctor.
Kids in Haiti are out of school this week before Easter, so these two are working to clean up and beautify the hospital grounds. Here they're knocking the tops off some rocks to make it easier for people to walk between the old and new hospital buildings. Sorry about the ugly background. I just had to take the picture in front of the little storage depot at the end of the hospital. The rest of the hospital looks better---really.
They've gravelled the hospital driveway very nicely with "tet sab" (literally, "head of sand", it's what's left after sifting sand for cement work, and we have a lot of it right now!).
Tyler and Jacob got inspired to haul some gravel after school today, and the kids Steve had hired got worried that their job was being stolen, but it looks like we have plenty of gravel to go around!
Here they're knocking down sharp rocks preparatory to spreading their loads.