Monday, February 4, 2008

How Many People Can You Get In a Truck

We went down to Mole St. Nicolas to bring a group of youth up for the Youth Retreat at Ebenezer. They needed transportation for 30 or so, they said. When we got there, 45 people were waiting with all their luggage. We brought them all. Here we are arriving in Bombardopolis.
These kinds of trips are always fun. I don't how anyone can sing while riding on Haitian roads, but sing they do, and with enthusiasm!
The guys hard at work on the house. This photo was taken last Friday.
And this morning at the house, Rich and Steve are snapping lines and putting up boards for the roof forms, while the crew is rough plastering in the rooms to the right. Plans are to form and pour the last roof section this week.


Tim said...

Never would have guessed 45 would fit, but hey gas is expensive, save a trip when you can! :-)