Sunday, January 13, 2008


Blogger has not been allowing me to upload photos--at all! So I thought I'd try some text to see if it'll let me publish at all.

Life is settling back to normal--whatever that is. We had a wonderful time with the kids home, and then a hectic week in Port au Prince, trying to get all the supplies, groceries, fuel, propane, paint..............that we needed to bring out with us. We got home last Sunday evening, and this week John Benson arrived to help out for a couple of weeks. I'll post pictures of his work as soon as possible. He's been installing doors at the new hospital addition, and has started building the cabinets that need to be installed in several of the rooms, and cabinets for the kitchen and bath in the new house are on his list as well. We've started painting at the hospital addition. The future office is now a nice off-white. Okay, it's yellow, but the label said off-white. =)

I shall now try to publish, and if this works..................maybe, just maybe I can do a few photos. They're starting to pile up!

God bless,