Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday's Work

At the house, the guys poured a beam (the roof over the main living area will rest on this beam).......
Hauling buckets of cement up a ladder is hard work.
It's hard to see much here, I know. This is a corner of the depot (storeroom, for you Americans), and it's all smooth-plastered and ready for paint!
Keith and Jacob on the new roof. I'm sure this was a deep, philosophical discussion.
This is the meds depot at the hospital, where Linda and I spent most of day counting, sorting, and putting away the donated meds that came in Wednesday from Christian Aid Ministries. These donated medicines are a big help to the hospital. In a few days, we'll work on the other side of the little room, pricing and putting away the purchased medicines that Steve and Faith will bring tomorrow when they come home from Port au Prince.