Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Random Pictures from the Last Week

Rich and the guys working to pour a beam at the hospital addition.
Laying block for the house.
My beloved morning glories.
Keith was sick again, but is much better again now.
Tomatoes in my garden


Jessi said...

Your tomatoes look wonderful!! How big are they? The morning glories are looking so great, too! Are they the ones on the front porch? Glad to see blocks being laid on your new home. I bet you're getting pretty excited. :) Thanks for the pics - I always enjoy!


Mary said...

Ahh more pictures =) It's always good to see pictures of what's going on down there. Sorry to hear that Keith was sick. I'm glad he's getting better. Your flowers are gorgeous too. I'm late for school (again) but wanted to tell you to go ahead and use any pictures you want of Mike and Kent. Have a good day. Cao