Friday, October 12, 2007


The crew digging the foundation for the new mission house. They were in a good stretch when I took the picture; there were no rocks--whoever heard of that!
The foundation trenches filled with concrete and rock.
The rebar "forest"
Today they are forming and pouring the first section of foundation. There is no cement mixer, so it is mixed by hand and poured with buckets.

Work continues at the hospital addition, also. I'll try to post some pictures of that when they form and pour the first section of roof.


Beth said...

good to see that things are coming along. . . . how are you all doing?? I take it Rich and Keith are home. . . . . .
have a good weekend!!


Grace said...

I'm impressed!
I miss you all!

Jessi said...

It looks great!! I'm sure you guys are excited!! I know I'm excited for you. Thanks for the pictures. I'm looking forward to the hospital pics, too. :)