Friday, August 31, 2007

St. Teres, St. Annie, and Ernelia, much loved residents of the widow's home

This is St. Teres. She is very lively and full of mischief, also very helpful, loves to sweep, water the garden, and come up to our house on one errand or another, but mostly to see her friends, of whom Laurie is chief. Laurie is "zamni'm" (my friend) and I'm "mama zamni'm" (the mother of my friend).
St. Annie was the home's first resident. She had a rough time recently when she had problems with her meds and was very confused and disoriented. She's a sweetie, too, although quieter than St. Teres.
Ernelia is very patient and sweet. She is blind, so sits a lot, but St. Teres loves to help her. They go for walks sometimes, and St. Teres, who is a terrible tease, will sometimes let go of Ernelia's arm, and say, "I'm getting tired of leading you; why don't you walk by yourself!" Then she giggles and giggles, and Ernelia laughs, too, and they link arms again and march on!

Linda B., who doesn't like to have her picture taken, does a great job of supervising the widow's home. The ladies love her, and she likes to spoil them a bit.


grace said...

I miss my ladies. tell them "mwen sonje" them please?

rag said...

Hey you've got your Sept post now. Miss you guys.