Friday, August 31, 2007

The Cement Blocks are Finished and It's Raining!

The blocks for our house are all made now, 2100 of them, made one at a time by hand. Rich and the block makers are celebrating with some cookies and pop.
The last day's work.
It rained today (that's Linda Blankenship headed down past the widow's home to her house after lunch)...............................
so Rich, who has dengue fever, and has been working anyway, took a nap after lunch.............
and so did Keith----he has malaria, and is very glad this is his last day on chloroquine. (We don't really make him sleep on a bare mattress; his sheets were washed today.)


Grace said...

Sorry you guys were sick!!! :(
Hope you're all doing well now!

nstrite said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your house as it develops. Guess you're building it yourself from the ground up?!!
I love checking your blog too--great way to feel in touch now that Beth the Communicator connected us all. :)