Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Titles Always Evade Me

One of my favorite jobs.

Rich and Ty painting rafters and purlins for the new shop

This cute little pineapple thrived on our neglect and ignorance. =)


Rhonda (a.k.a. The Restless Squaw) said...

Oh, can you get fresh pineapple whenever you want? For real cheap? Heaven! I had such a crave for those when pregnant with boy number four. I figured it justified the high cost since I was cooking a baby. :)

4Him-in-Mole said...

Well, this pineapple was for real cheap anyway--God grew it for us on a plant given to us by a friend. I'm sure they're a lot cheaper than in the states, but it's so long since I bought groceries in the states I've forgotten....and they are somewhat seasonal, I think--I dunno...I just buy them if someone comes peddling them at my door.=)

Kim and Laura Yoder said...

That bread looks absolutely delicious!