Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We learned a bit more about the accident yesterday out on Teleco Hill. The driver decided to shut off his engine and coast down the long concrete slope--so that not only did he have no brakes, he was free-coasting with no brakes! No one knows What He Was Thinking, as he is one of the dead. The hospital here is still full--some not-too-ill patients were sent home to make room for accident victims yesterday. Tomorrow, Rich has to make another accident-related run. Doctors here suspect one lady has a neck fracture, so they are inventing a back board for her, and Rich will take her to Gonaives, where her relatives will meet and take her on to a hospital in Port au Prince, where she can get the scans and care she needs. Original intentions were to take her to Jean Rabel for x-rays, but Trois Riviere is high, and no one can cross to Port de Paix, so all the accident victims with broken bones are still waiting at Jean Rabel until they can be transferred. Nothing is easy in this country.

In other hospital news, the little burned girl died last night. Her family is mourning, but she was suffering so much, it's impossible not to be glad she is home with Jesus.