Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Construction Progress

The new mission garage/shop/storage/new living quarters for Astrel is taking shape nicely. It's going to be a very useful and practical place. It will have a room for Astrel (long-term guard and general go-to guy for the mission) in the left rear corner. In the front left corner will be a storage room for large items. The center space is 16'x28', plenty of room to park and work on any of the mission vehicles. The right side will have a storage room with shelves in the rear, and a workshop area with workbenches at the front of the building. There will be a concrete pad out front for welding and other projects.
Rich has also been taking "tet sab" (the sifted-out gravel from the cement work, and using it to clean up and beautify around the hospital. Then someday--when it rains a lot again--he wants to wash the outside of the hospital. These projects take awhile since he does them inbetween all his other jobs.


Jessica said...

Yahoo!! I'm so happy for the pictures. This must mean your internet is cooperating a *little* bit better! Thanks for sharing. Everything is looking great.