Sunday, May 11, 2008

Looking Like Home

Such a comfortable place.
Never fear; Waldo the Ferocious Watchdog is on the job. =)


Kim and Laura Yoder said...

Hey guys, I finally checked out your blog again-first time in a few months! Sorry I'm so bad at keeping in touch.
Yes, we're still alive and doing quite well. I'm doing my best to keep Puffy in line for you :) I think the biggest challenge is keeping his ego in check :)
He seems to being enjoying work and we're happy to have the extra help.
Anyway,I'm glad to see you guys are in your house and all comfy and everything. We should Skype soon!
P.S. Happy Mothers Day!! a little late

Mary said...

Hi everyone. I just wanted to leave a little note telling you that the house looks absolutely wonderful! Waldo seems pretty happy too. I hope everything is going great and hope to hear from you soon.