Sunday, April 13, 2008


These folks are ready for their cistern. Sand, gravel, and water are waiting in the yard.
Saul is the foreman of the cistern crew, and does a great job. He almost always has that smile on his face, too.
This is the owner of the house where the crew was working the day we went to take pictures.
And these are his children. You can see that a good supply of water will be beneficial to these little people. Notice the dirt floor behind them.
Mixing cement. Astrel (in the green shirt) is the master of this part of the work. What he says goes, and he loves his job.


Kim and Laura Yoder said...

Ironic that you have pictures of people putting cisterns in on your blog and I have posted pictures of ours being taken out. Doesn't quite seem right.....

Ken said...

I am wondering if you wouldn't mind speaking with me about BHM. My wife and I are considering staying there. Please email me at gsxguru at comcast dot net. Thank you!