Thursday, December 28, 2006


Can't you almost see the vitamins in these greens?

Below: We've been following the building of this ship with great interest, from wondering what they were going to do with that pile of logs, to watching them hand-hew the beams, and then through the slow building process.

More views of the ship, outside and inside.

Above: Shipyard "au Mole"

Below: The new basketball court, with the trade school where we first lived and worked in the background.

The players painted the lines themselves, and know enough English to express the important stuff.:) Below you see the court in use--the kids, big and little, love it. Our bicycle pump gets a workout pumping up basketballs!

This is Defren Augustine. We hope that is the correct spelling of his name; he doesn't read or write, but God has given him a gift for gardening. He will be taking care of the community garden while we're at BHM for our three month orientation. Below you see the garden as it looks today.