Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yesterday, Rich and Ty installed doorframes in what will be the darkroom area of our new x-ray facility.

This photo is just because it makes me happy to look at it. These grow wild all over Haiti.

Rich and Astrel working on the old truck.....after the ambulance and before they start on the big truck, then Steve and Faith's truck.....................

Took this photo of Rich Sunday afternoon. He's dusty and tired, but glad to be home after a long drive from Port au Prince.

St. Eres, Marie Yolande, Docilia, and Yaya enjoying their new shaded space at the widow's home.

A rear view of the new shop. Rich and Ty installed the windows for Astrel's room this morning, so this photo is already outdated.

Here's a front view of the new shop. It's just waiting for its roof and doors.
I also need to issue a correction. I had said in my last post that the driver of the pickup died at the scene of the accident--it was the Owner who died, Rich says. The driver is alive and well.........somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Hey Richard my friend!

Ervin Witmer here. Good to see all the pics of you guys busy doing God's work in Haiti!

What a calling! Keep up the good work and we're putting you on our "missionary" prayer list at church, which we regularly pray over each Sunday morning during our service. God a picture we can include with the prayers? Send it to

God bless you all a bunch! How's the Creole coming?

Ervin & fam.

Grace said...

I like to see all the pictures. but the flowers make me happy too. thanks for posting!