Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The cement work is pretty much finished at the hospital addition. Here the guys are finishing the last section of floor for the porch/walkway in front of the building. Plastering ceilings at the house...........almost makes my arms ache, just thinking about doing this all day.
A newly finished floor in Ty's room.
Saturday, we took the family (and Jacob, of course) to the beach at Mole for one last outing before Keith goes back to the states. The kids spent most of their time on this old ship, exploring and goofing around. Can you believe I let them take the camera out there? They got some great pics and the camera is fine. Two ziploc bags, and the camera case did the job.=) They even swam down inside the ship. Looks unpleasant to me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things to Celebrate

God sent us a beautiful rain Sunday. What a blessing!

The forming for the last pour on the house went well, and all was ready for Friday's roof pour.
The pour itself took only four hours, and turned out wonderfully. I'll send Ty up to take a picture or two soon.
Keith faithfully sanded the 80 or so cabinet doors and drawer fronts that Steve and Rich had cut and routered earlier. These are for our house and for the hospital addition.
Ok, it'll be something to celebrate if I can figure out how I got the same picture on twice, and how to get it back off again!
I've been painting all those doors, and will soon be done priming, and ready to start on the ones that get polyurethane rather than paint.
Last, but not least, Rich and Keith had a good trip to Port au Prince on Monday. They're busy now running around getting necessary paperwork for the 4-wheeler--they hope to bring it out this trip--and a myriad of other things.

Monday, February 4, 2008

How Many People Can You Get In a Truck

We went down to Mole St. Nicolas to bring a group of youth up for the Youth Retreat at Ebenezer. They needed transportation for 30 or so, they said. When we got there, 45 people were waiting with all their luggage. We brought them all. Here we are arriving in Bombardopolis.
These kinds of trips are always fun. I don't how anyone can sing while riding on Haitian roads, but sing they do, and with enthusiasm!
The guys hard at work on the house. This photo was taken last Friday.
And this morning at the house, Rich and Steve are snapping lines and putting up boards for the roof forms, while the crew is rough plastering in the rooms to the right. Plans are to form and pour the last roof section this week.